Hi, I'm B.

BARE Certified Life Coach (BCC)

For those who don't me, I'm Bridget! I am a BARE Certified Life Coach. My passion is to help people stop living like this is their practice life. 

My Passion

I read BARE as soon as I got my hands on the book and signed up to become a life coach before I finished reading. Yes that's right, I read the book AND signed up to share Susan Hyatt's work within 4 weeks! 

When I say this book has changed my life, I am speaking quite literally. My passion has always been to empower women, but I never knew how to utilize this passion. BARE has given me the way and I am LOVING every minute!

Badass Goddess

By no means will I claim that I or my life is complete perfection - I don't think perfection is possible. I'm working very hard to get myself to a place of complete self-love and feeling like a Badass Goddess. Obviously, this doesn't happen overnight and without daily work. I am committed to working on myself to bring the best version of me every day.

I want you to be a Badass Goddess, do you?

Becoming a Badass Goddess


I am a mother of 2 girls, currently 3 and 5 years old full of wild-woman-life energy, which I absolutely love and envy! I've been married to my husband for 7 years who I am so happy to say is my love, balance and support in my life. As much as I love being a mom and a wife, I got lost as to who I was and how to take care of myself. The time had come to begin the journey to finding myself again. 

Allow me to share a little of my personal journey. After having my first child in 2014, I really struggled understanding my “new” body, my new role as a mother, keeping my strong relationship with my husband, how to balance work and home life needs, and how to see friends without the guilt of being away from my kids. It was very hard but I managed to make it through. Happiness, joy, self-doubt, and fatigue were my feeling states for most days. Then I had my second child in 2016 and I slowly began to crumble. Becoming a mom of 2 was HARD. My oldest was not quite 2 years old and not super independent. I constantly felt guilty like I was forcing her to grow up faster than she was able, she was no longer the "only child," I felt I was abandoning them both going back to work full time, and thought fun and exercise was taking time away from my kids. Guilt, anger, and sadness slowly became my new feeling states for most of my day. After a year of struggling, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to leave my job to stay at home with my girls. During my time with my girls I reconnected with them, didn't miss the "firsts" of what they learned, found time to exercise, and actually see my family and friends. My journey to find myself had FINALLY started! I continued to dive in deeper over the years and continue every day. I don't forget myself as often (I am still working on that!), my husband and I have date nights and weekends away with no guilt, and I feel I am emotionally available to reconnect again with old and new friends. Now my feeling states are happy, joyful, present, and hopeful for most of my day.

Motherhood and marriage does not define who I am, it's part of my unique story. Who I am is a strong, peaceful, confident, moon-loving, nature-loving authentic, badass goddess with shaved hair and tattoos.  Family and friends are my core in life, but remembering who I am and taking care of myself is now my priority, not an after thought.