Hi, I'm B.

BARE Certified Life Coach (BCC)

I'm Bridget Shoquist, BARE Certified Life Coach. My passion is to help women go from afterthought to priority in their life.

My Passion

I read the book, BARE by Susan Hyatt as soon as I got my hands on it...and signed up to become a life coach before I finished reading. Yes that's right, I read the book AND signed up to share The BARE Method within 4 weeks! 

When I say this book has changed my life, I am speaking quite literally. My passion has always been to empower women, but I never knew how to utilize this passion. BARE has given me the way and I am LOVING every minute!

Becoming a Badass Goddess

I LOVE my family. I have 2 girls, Loretta (5) and Louise (3) who are full of wild-woman-life energy (which I absolutely love and envy). I've been married to my husband, Kasey for over 7 years who I am so happy to say is my love, balance and support in my life. 


A few years ago, I lost sight of who I was and how to take care of myself. I was having a hard time figuring out how to balance work, home life needs and having a social life. As I struggled to figure this out, I slowly began to crumble. 

This experience was life changing for me and was the start to something new and exciting. As I worked my way from chaos to peace, I quickly realized that I am not the only one who goes through this. There are many women out there who are confused, stuck and overwhelmed as to what to do and which way to go. 

This is when I made the decision and commitment to charge forward with the mission to help women find their inner strength, create goals that light them up and empower them to go after their wildest dreams. BARE Life Coaching gave me the tools I needed to help other women become a priority. 

Each and every one of us is worthy of living fully, freely and be the Badass Goddess of our lives.

You are not alone on this journey. I am here to support you and take massive strides with you. 

Are you ready to go from afterthought to priority? Let's do this, together.

What is the BARE Method?


The BARE Method is not a cleanse, a detox, or a diet.

It’s a total lifestyle change built on a foundation of self love and a progression of steps that show you how to move through your day—and feel your feelings— by finding what you are truly craving.

Would you like to feel in complete control of your body? You are a grown ass human that is capable of eating what your body wants, moving how your body wants and wearing whatever the hell your body wants!

It. Is. Possible.

You’ll decode your eating habits and figure out why you feel that urge to snack when you’re not really hungry.

You’ll infuse your life with new experiences so that food is no longer your primary (or only) source of pleasure, excitement, or entertainment.

You’ll reconnect with your dreams, goals, and desires and start leading the life you really want, now, instead of postponing your dreams until “someday later” when your body is “perfect.”

This method won't just give you a smaller waistline- it’s about creating a bigger, braver life.

I am thrilled to be one of a very small handful of certified BARE method coaches, personally trained by the originator of the BARE method herself. This process is incredible and I can’t wait to share it with you.